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Stereolithic CD

Stereolithic is classic 311. Although there are some areas of the album that venture into different sounds, the core of Stereolithic will resonate with old and new fans alike. The signature Tim Mahoney guitar heavy sound, aligned with the vocals from both Nick Hexum and SA Martinez, and the solid foundation of P-Nut and Chad Sexton rounding out the rhythm section, together create a sound that is uniquely 311. The diverse tempos and sudden left turns in this release make it an interesting and engaging listen.


1. Ebb and Flow
2. Five of Everything
3. Showdown
4. Revelation of the Year
5. Sand Dollars
6. Boom Shanka
7. Make It Rough
8. The Great Divide
9. Friday Afternoon
10. Simple True
11. First Dimension
12. Made in the Shade
13. Existential Hero
14. The Call
15. Tranquility