Playlist: The Very Best Of 311 CD


Ships on: June 21, 2024

Welcome to the Playlist series. Painstakingly compiled by the artists, these collections truly represent an artists' complete body of work. We've fished through hundreds-thousands-of tracks to cherry-pick the perfect playlists. Not just the hits (anyone can find those). The life-changing cuts. The out-of-print tracks. The fan favorites everyone loves. The songs that make the artist who they are.

You’ll no doubt enjoy the sound of the beautifully remastered songs on this CD (as opposed to MP3s that contain less information, which translate into compromised sound). But we think the thing you'll appreciate most about this Playlist is that even though you didn't make it, you might wish you did.


1. Down
2. Come Original
3. Beautiful Disaster
4. All Mixed Up
5. Amber
6. Creatures (For a While)
7. Prisoner
8. Hey You
9. Feels So Good
10. Omaha Stylee
11. Speak Easy
12. From Chaos
13. Jackpot
14. Stealing Happy Hours