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Music 30th Anniversary Edition 2LP

311’s debut studio album Music celebrates 30 years. Newly remastered and expanded on pearl white vinyl and a specialized Pearl embossed cover. Includes 4 demos on vinyl for the first time.


LP 1:
A1 Welcome
A2 Freak Out
A3 Visit
A4 Paradise
B1 Unity
B2 Hydroponic
B3 My Stoney Baby
B4 Nix Hex

LP 2:
C1 Raga Drop
C2 Plain
C3 Feels So Good
C4 Do You Right
C5 Fat Chance
C6 Fuck The Bullshit
D1 Welcome Pre-production Version ’92
D2 Visit Pre-production Version ‘92
D3 Feels so Good Pre-production Version ‘92
D4 Paradise Pre-production Version ‘92