Evolver 2LP


Ships on: June 21, 2024

One of a plethora of long-lived bands to have realized the potential of a strong grassroots following, 311 had been pushing its particular amalgam of toke-friendly rock, funk, and rap for over a decade by Evolver's release. It finds the collective riding similar rhythms and mining similar lyrical veins to 2001's From Choas, the main difference being that this year's model sounds more confident and willing to take risks. The lilting intro to "Crack the Code" presages a cruise through reggae, rap, and Californian punk rock influences, while "Beyond the Gray Sky" meanders soulfully along its jazzy, low-key path before climaxing in a cascade of neo-psychedelia. Speaking of which, "Seems Uncertain" confounds jaded expectations by steering just such a pastoral course through its entirety, eschewing the regulation collapse into thundering guitar amplitude. Evolver is full of such surprises.


LP 1:
A1. Creatures (For a While)
A2. Reconsider Everything
A3. Crack the Code
B1. Same Mistake Twice
B2. Beyond the Gray Sky
B3. Seems Uncertain 

LP 2: 
C1. Still Dreaming
C2. Give Me a Call
C3. Don't Dwell
D1. Other Side of Things
D2. Sometimes Jacks Rule the Realm
D3. Coda